Due to the announced shutdown of the current lisk-based Shift mainnet,
this tool will no longer be maintained or updated.
The calculation run on Feb 20th has been the last. We hope this service provided to the community has been helpful in making delegates accountable.

{{platform_name}} Delegate Verifier


Delegate Verifier offers an automated and objective solution to rate a delegate's performance based on the information available in the blockchain. It offers various checks, such as comparing a delegate's promised payout to their actual payout, and awards trustworthy delegates a seal of quality. For active participants, the Delegate Verifier presents a DPoS token holder with a powerful starting point for tracking payouts and delegate trustworthiness.

Things to consider when reviewing the shares:

We have put in a lot of effort to make our calculations as accurate as possible, but for all the reasons above.. DO NOT use this tool as a single source of truth, but rather as a powerful starting point! By all means, investigate for yourself and discuss results with the community.

If you have any feedback please inform a Dutch Pool team member.
You can find our contact details on dutchpool.io.

Is this tool useful to you? Consider us for your vote, more info at {{platform_id}}.dutchpool.io.

The share is calculated over the below period:

Period: {{period_start|date}} - {{last_update|date}}

New forger Good
Voted Okay
Rank Delegate Share {{column.name}} Diff Weighed reward Uptime (all) Uptime (7d) Version Also on IP
#{{del.position}} {{del.name}}
{{del.percentage}}{{del.perct_is_text ? '' : '%'}} {{del[column.id]}}{{del[column.id_is_text] ? '' : '%'}} {{del.difference > 0 ? '+' : ''}}{{del.difference}}{{del.difference_is_text ? '' : '%'}} {{del.rewardsAWeek}} {{del.productivity}}% {{del.productivity_7d}}{{del.productivity_7d_is_text ? '' : '%'}} {{del.node_version}} {{del.also_on_ip.length}}

Non forging delegates

Rank Delegate Share {{column.name}} Approval
#{{del.position}}{{del.name}} {{del.percentage}} {{del[column.id]}}{{del[column.id_is_text] ? '' : '%'}} {{del.approval}}%